Burning Bush Ministries is an independent nonprofit organization committed to proclaiming the Kingdom of God and the lordship of Jesus Christ. Founded in 1999 and based in Salem, Oregon, BBM champions an articulate and informed Biblical faith which embraces the scope of human experience.

The heart of Burning Bush is the conviction that God has revealed himself to the world through Jesus Christ whose sacrifice and resurrection mean salvation for all who believe. This is the Gospel and expresses the one hope for the transformation and redemption of humankind.

The message of salvation in Christ is simple, but it is not simplistic. The Biblical testimony pervades and enriches every aspect of human life. Culture, science, art, philosophy, institutions, human relationships—all in some way are meant to reflect divine order and beauty. Burning Bush is committed to exploring the many ways that faith shapes human experience.

Our cornerstone enterprise is clear and Biblically-sound teaching. A careful exposition of truth, combined with the essential work of the Holy Spirit, sparks faith, increases knowledge, and stirs the heart. This is what Burning Bush Ministries is all about.