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Sometime you have to give the devil his due.

A remarkable series of letters addressed to the dark  Prince of the World, commending him for a job well done.

Provocative, thoughtful, and incisive. A sweeping but succinct exposé of Satan’s schemes and scams. Excellent for personal contemplation or lively group discussion.

365 Days of Fred!

A daily dose of Biblical fiber that will loosen the bowels of the religiously constipated, sharpen the edges of the dull of spirit, and provide a jolt of punchy humor to unnerve the piously punctilious. A great gift for yourself, that irreligious friend or family member, or anybody who thinks the Bible is boring. There’s never been a devotional like this one, and God is working hard to make sure that there will never be another one like it again.

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Latest Collection!

In this collection, Allen shifts his attention to nothing less than the very structure and destiny of the cosmos. This is a Divine Comedy for the modern world. Here are the voices from the creaking carnival of our days.

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Cartoons inspired by the wacky world of the Bible and the Church.

“Spot on—like spaghetti sauce on a white shirt.”

“A book nobody asked for.”

“So many cartoons, so little taste.”

“Like a breath of fresh error.”

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Weston and Emma, two very modern siblings, accept an invitation to visit the neighborhood oddball and find themselves on an adventure they’re pretty sure nobody will believe. What starts out as a strange but harmless adventure, however, soon turns into something sinister and dangerous. Yet they have the powerful fruits that their curious host provided, and—armed with faith, courage, and humor—they will discover the surprising truth that has been hidden in plain sight. Perfect for middle readers, home school, and family read aloud time!

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During a frigid North Dakota winter back in 1979, a young man encountered a powerful being from another dimension. The experience radically altered his perception of reality and, according to some, transformed him into a stark raving lunatic. He often thought that himself. But there was no denying that something had happened to him—something so profound, so crazy, so otherworldly that he was clearly no longer himself —or, as he insisted, no longer just himself.

This is his story.

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In this collection of poems, Allen explores the borders between the human and the divine, the intersections where a redeemed but finite humanity experiences the astonishing reality of the infinite God. Using precise, melodic language, and often a refreshingly grounded sense of humor, Allen helps refine our spiritual sensibilities, enlarging our capacity to perceive and inhabit not only our own world but also the wondrous region of God’s presence.

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With careful attention to craft, Allen takes up the ongoing prophetic task: to articulate an immanent transcendence that he himself cannot fully comprehend. This collection reflects the diverse inner weather of a soul afire, whose clear-eyed vision is matched—and sometimes overcome—by a relentless spiritual hunger. In the tradition of George Herbert, these poems map a vigorous, deeply-felt religious landscape where the ineffable speaks in a voice both glorious and inscrutable.

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