Burning Bush Ministries is governed by a board of directors who are responsible for all ministry decisions and organizational dynamics. The board gives oversight to the ministry’s various expressions and functions as the final authority on both spiritual and legal matters.

All the current directors have been with Burning Bush since its founding, a testimony to their deep commitment to the vision and work of the organization. Each has an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and an impressive track record of faith, integrity, and service.

Fred Allen, President

Fred has taught university English, headed up a small language arts academy, and served as a pastor. With Burning Bush he has traveled widely around the globe, bringing a unique and powerful explication of the Scriptures. Fred is a writer, a playwright, a poet, a comic, and a cartoonist. He enjoys good coffee, good toast, good books, and good company.

Sonia Allen, Vice President

Sonia a visual artist and art educator. She has served as a coordinator of children’s ministries for a number of churches and has taught creative art sessions for Youth With a Mission and for local neighborhood outreach efforts. With Burning Bush she has also taught in Brazil, Canada, and Turkey. Sonia enjoys knitting, gardening, hosting, and sharing fine meals.

Donna Liljenberg, Treasurer

Donna has always been very active in her church fellowship. She has led women’s Bible studies, worked with children, and participated in worship and music ministries. She traveled with a Burning Bush team to India where she joined ministry work among leper colonies. Donna currently serves as a board member of her church. She loves Christmas and makes a killer cherry pie.

Don Aman

Don is married, has 4 children, 12 grand children, and one great grandchild. He worked for the Oregon Department of Transportation in highway construction and finance. After retiring, he served as an assistant pastor with a focus on inner-healing prayer. He traveled to Africa as part of a Burning Bush team. Don enjoys golf, racket sports, helping people, and yard work.